Publisher's note

        Dear Reader
        I am delighted to inform you about an important development for Brain and Development. Prospective authors should now submit their manuscripts using the journal's online submission system available via Elsevier's Author Gateway at:
        The above website provides updated instructions to authors and access to the submission system, plus a host of other beneficial features including e-mail alerting services to journal contents and tracking for accepted manuscripts.
        Brain and Development's online submission system is very user friendly, fast and reliable. Simply follow the instructions on screen to register and upload your files as appropriate. No more photocopying and postage costs! No need to worry whether your manuscript has arrived safely—you will be able to track its progress through peer review using the system.
        There is an online tutorial for authors and online support for technical problems or questions via Elsevier's AuthorSupport team ( [email protected] ).
        The online submission system also brings changes for reviewers, who will now be requested to complete manuscript reviews via the system. Again, there is an online tutorial for new reviewer users.
        Finally, do not forget that readers will benefit too, as the online submission system should speed-up the publication process, meaning that papers in Brain and Development are even more timely.
        On behalf of the editor-in-chief, Dr Y. Suzuki and Associate Editor, Dr M. Kaga we hope you will be pleased with this new development for the journal, and your feedback and comments are always welcome.
        The Publisher